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Telia Lietuva Vilnius
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„Telia Lietuva“ – visa ko tinklas, siūlantis telekomunikacijų, IT ir TV paslaugas iš vienų rankų, siekiant kurti vertę klientams ir suteikti geresnę patirtį žmonėms, verslui ir visuomenei. „Telia Lietuva“ yra Švedijoje įsikūrusios „Telia Company“ šeimos dalis. Grupės tikslas – būti integruotų technologinių sprendimų lydere Šiaurės ir Baltijos šalių regione. „Telia Lietuva“ akcijomis prekiaujama „Nasdaq Vilnius“ vertybinių popierių biržoje, o „Telia Company“ akcijos yra „Nasdaq Stockholm“ ir „Nasdaq Helsinki“ vertybinių popierių biržos sąrašuose.

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Finansai, apskaita

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Dream to #innovate? Feel #inspired by #technology? #Care to #simplify? “Telia” is a place for you to be. Whether you are a new talent or an experienced professional, telecommunications industry is #alwaysfun to work in. If you are ready to #venture with us into universe of #opportunities and excel in the world of #technology, we offer you extensive resources and enviable #flexibility to do that. Would you #dare to take the #challenge?

Finance team is looking for smart and motivated people who feel comfortable around numbers and statistics. They have to be well informed before making plans. We need a person who likes to gather and analyze data and one who has the experience and knowledge to work with and explain the numbers. These two people will be the eyes and ears of our business strategists.

  • Managing reporting suite and the end-user data #monitoring;
  • You will participate in new data warehouse creation;
  • #Contribution to business by performing analyses (ad-hoc) of huge amounts of data to support strategic decisions;
  • Building models to evaluate the financial #impact of various commitments;
  • Managing the dialogue with business representatives regarding KPIs, performance and metrics.

We are looking for a person who:
  • Makes sense of numbers and knows how they move;
  • Have education in statistics, mathematics, econometrics or similar, equivalent working experience;
  • Isn’t easily scared by large data sets and has the experience or is eager to learn confronting them;
  • Proficiency in #SQL greatly appreciated, being fluent in SAP, Excel VBA and other languages is a strong advantage;
  • Quickly identifies the patterns and can easily explain different relationships that numbers can have to those who don’t know all of the dance moves;
  • Expects to make a big change in his/her area while feeling comfortable in fast changing environment;
  • Is #motivated to solve various business problems from data-driven point of view.

We offer:
  • International management standards which provide excellent work and #growth conditions;
  • Competitive salary and extra benefits;
  • Continuous challenges for those who except them which is great opportunity to grow personally;
  • Friendly and inspiring #team of professionals;
  • We offer horizontal and vertical #career opportunities in Telia Company group.

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Skelbimas paskelbtas:2017.03.14
Skelbimas galioja iki:2017.04.12
Kontaktinis asmuo:Justina Marmaitė
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