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Telia Lietuva Vilnius
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„Telia Lietuva“ – visa ko tinklas, siūlantis telekomunikacijų, IT ir TV paslaugas iš vienų rankų, siekiant kurti vertę klientams ir suteikti geresnę patirtį žmonėms, verslui ir visuomenei. „Telia Lietuva“ yra Švedijoje įsikūrusios „Telia Company“ šeimos dalis. Grupės tikslas – būti integruotų technologinių sprendimų lydere Šiaurės ir Baltijos šalių regione. „Telia Lietuva“ akcijomis prekiaujama „Nasdaq Vilnius“ vertybinių popierių biržoje, o „Telia Company“ akcijos yra „Nasdaq Stockholm“ ir „Nasdaq Helsinki“ vertybinių popierių biržos sąrašuose.

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Finansai, apskaita, auditas, Paslaugos, aptarnavimas

Skelbimo tekstas:

When you join Telia Company as a Finance Project Developer you'll start with a place on the DareTrainee program.

Dare to be something more
This 12-month program is a job opportunity at the forefront of our digital society. As a DareTrainee you'll work in a company that will connect and integrate everything, from living rooms to board rooms, from tablets to Tesla cars and from home products to business processes. And you'll get to shape the New Generation Telco.

We're looking for
A colleague to contribute to take part in and develop finance projects. The position will also require searching for best practice outside the company and providing constructive ideas and structured information. We're looking for a team player with strong social skills and a passion to deliver change. You're an analytical and outgoing personality, who can find reliable partners to share experiences with. We have a great place for you if you're independent, results oriented and searching for challenges.

Your manager
Results oriented and promotes teamwork and collaboration, supporting you to learn and grow. The team is characterized by strong ownership and an engagement culture in order to deliver results. Your manager is challenging, developing, supportive and innovative in a dynamic environment. He sets ambitious goals and empowers people to reach them.

How we do it
Everything we do should be a reflection of our purpose, Bringing the world closer – on the customer´s terms. Our values, Dare, Care and Simplify, are our compass that guides us how to act and behave in our daily work. It´s also about how you can contribute, connect to the big picture and embrace our coaching and feedback culture. The starting point is to set clear expectations in a constantly changing world, where what we do is equally as important as how we do it. So how can you contribute and grow on our journey to create the New Generation Telco?

Your skills and experience:
  • A Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Science, Engineering and/or Organizational Development or equivalent
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English
  • Perceptive,proactive, analytical, results oriented and outgoing personality
  • Greatteamwork and networking abilities, high sense of responsibility and independent working
  • Open-minded, innovative, strategic thinker willing to learn new thing and share ones’ constructive ideas and experiences.
You'll be based in Vilnius, but bring your passport because you're set to travel, not least to Telia Company headquarters in Stockholm. If you have any questions please contact

The program will start in late August.

Apply now at
Skelbimas paskelbtas:2017.02.28
Skelbimas galioja iki:2017.03.31
Kontaktinis asmuo:Rolanda Endrijaitienė
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