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s a company founded in 2006, which since 2007 has specialized in electrical works. Our main business is design, construction and reconstruction of electrical systems. Our clients are construction companies, apartment associations and landowners. We offer both a complete package of services from project approval to full solutions.
We are able to carry out all electrical work in the A-competence area. Our strength is the experience gained in managing large-scale projects. Through experienced and professional project managers, we ensure the quality of electrical installations and we can provide our customers with comprehensive solutions.

We consider it important to save time on our customers and provide them with a full service with designing and obtaining the necessary approvals for the work, carrying out measurements in accordance with standard documents and drawing up the complete technical documentation. We offer guarantees and maintenance for our work. Our goal is to ensure the undisturbed operation of our electrical installations for many years and the satisfaction of our customers.
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