Embedded Electronics Engineer

We are a team of curious hackers & tinkerers, who love to build random stuff just for the fun of doing it. We like to spend our time in a major hackerspace where we have access to lots of toys for the big boys: CNC mills, laser-cutter, 3D printers, etc. We are considering building a remotely controlled cart, a pulse jet engine, or maybe a rail gun, still deciding. Because why not.

Oh, and we are also a B2B engineering company that builds high-tech aerial inspection systems for helicopters, airplanes, and other vehicles. Think of flying precision laser scanners, high-res & thermal cameras, fiber-optic gyros, satellite communications, etc. Occasionally, we get onboard an aircraft to fly around and test what we've built. Which is sometimes just an excuse to go up in the sky!

We genuinely love what we do, and it just happened so, that we've built the most awesome system in the market of this kind (for reals, no bullsh*t). Now we are selling it all around the world for geospatial companies, utilities, helicopter operators, and other businesses alike. They use it to detect defects and potential problems in critical infrastructures, such as power lines, railroads, etc.

Following yet another successful funding, looking for an electronics engineer & firmware developer, who would be willing to take full ownership of custom PCBs' development lifecycle, from idea to production:
  • Join every project at the earliest stage, starting with the requirements definition.
  • Implement the agreed requirements into schematics and PCB design (we are used to KiCad, but not a hard requirement.)
  • Materialize your design by several iterations of PCB assembly, testing & debugging. This means getting your hands on the tools yourself (with access to a fully equipped lab), but a team of extra helping hands is always available whenever necessary.
  • Last, but definitely not least: develop embedded firmware. Typically, his means control some outputs, read some ADCs, chat over CAN, etc., with C/C++/Rust.

Kind of PCBs that you would work on:
  • Mostly STM32 ARM based.
  • Power conditioning & switching.
  • Simple communications over CAN, Serial & Ethernet.
  • General purpose user interfaces (LCD, LEDs, buttons).
  • Connector breakout boards.
  • Small sensor boards.
  • Servo motor drivers & controllers.
  • High-speed signal routing (USB, Ethernet).
  • … and if you are tough enough:
  • USB hub.
  • Ethernet switching.
  • c. PCI to USB/Ethernet bridges
We manufacture these PCBs in small quantities and integrate them into all the aerial inspection systems that we sell.

Minimum requirements for a candidate:
  • 4+ years designing PCBs for manufacturing and production.
  • 2+ years of embedded development.
  • Reasonable experience with STM23 ARM MCUs
  • Comfortable with English (mainly for internal documentation).

Bonus points for:
  • Development with Rust
  • Experience with high-speed circuits (more than just routing of USB, PCI, 1GigE, and alike)
  • Have participated at least 3 times in No Trolls Allowed.
Seems like your next dream job? Let us know at and we will get in touch for a no-strings-attached call to get to know each other a little better. If we will turn out to be a fit for each other, we can promise you:
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Work from home or from the office, as you prefer.
  • Exposure to high-end technologies, devices, and aviation.
  • Engaging and challenging work, that gives the opportunity to grow and learn.
  • Real chance to influence company-wide technological decisions by leading one of the core engineering competence.
  • Opportunity to get on an aircraft and see the “big picture”.

Salary offered: 3.000 - 6.000 €/month (gross)
Agreed compesnation will mostly depend on your actual skillset and experience in relevant fields.


Contact person:

Rokas Adiklis (Co-Founder & CTO)


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Vilnius, Lithuania

Confidentiality guaranteed. Only selected candidates will be informed.