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Alliance for Recruitment is the largest recruitment consultancy in Lithuania measured by capacity, number of successful placements and annual growth. We are a high performing team of recruitment experts from various different industries. Our Client - AmerisourceBergen is a publicly traded Fortune 10 global healthcare solutions company and is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical services companies. Powered by their associates around the world, company provides pharmaceutical products and business solutions that improve access to care.  Company operates the backbone of the healthcare supply chain, drives the future of local care delivery and guides medical innovations.

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Area of competence:

Finance, accounting, audit

Task information:

Under general supervision of the Accounts Receivable Supervisor, responsible for posting cash and performing tasks requiring quick resolution of issues; includes providing account reconciliation and performing payment research.


1. Responsible for posting cash receipts to open accounts receivable.
2. Identifies payment discrepancies, and initiates disputes resolution process to facilitate rapid turnaround in collection effort; performs follow up procedures as needed.
3. Performs in-depth customer payment analysis to properly record actions required to resolve disputed items.
4. Assists business partners in their collection and/or reconciliation efforts
5. Processes credit card payments and releases orders upon approval following cut-off deadlines
6. Completes weekly and monthly prepay offsets
7. Maintains frequent contact with internal and external customers in order to address and resolve all payment issues.
8. Responsible for daily and monthly cash reconciliations to ensure that all cash is posted timely and accurately.
9. Performs write-off requests with appropriate approvals
10. Processes customer refund requests with appropriate approvals
11. Assists with compiling audit document requests.
12. Conducts roundtable topic sessions and/or cross-training with the team.
13. Performs related duties as assigned.


1. 1+ years of relevant experience

2. Requires general knowledge of business administration, accountancy, sales, marketing, computer sciences or similar vocations generally obtained through a combination of work experience and completion of relevant college courses.

3. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
4. Knowledge of general accounting principles
5. Familiarity with cash application and credit and collection operations procedures, including reconciliation of A/R activity
6. Strong interpersonal skills
7. Good negotiating skills
8. Strong mathematical and analytical skills
9. Strong organizational skills; attention to detail
10. Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and SAP

Salary offered:from 1.945 €/month (gross)
Valid till:2020.02.20
Contact person:Indrė Valėnaitė
Phone:+370 603 86148
Address:Mėnulio g. 7
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