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Alliance for Recruitment is the largest recruitment consultancy in Lithuania measured by capacity, number of successful placements and annual growth. We are a high performing team of recruitment experts from various different industries. Our client - BoredPanda - is on a very ambitious mission to create something nobody has ever done before. Their platform enables artists, designers, and enthusiasts to create the highest-level editorial stories that drive millions of people to see their works and ideas. Bored Panda also never stop growing, adding new products to their portfolio and expanding the fields they operate in. Company is looking to expand their video production field with entirely new platform with wide range of new channels and are looking for an inspired COO who would drive the business strategy and implement processes.

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Area of competence:

IT, telecommunication

Task information:

  • You will work hand in hand with the manager of the products – she will take care of the creative content and you will ensure that business is running smoothly.
  • You will plan your product’s financial and strategic success – anything from budgeting to brake-even point, to possible expansion and profitability.
  • You will create and monitor KPIs starting from the product to the goals of your team.
  • Plan resources and organizational structure of your business, ensure that creativity and internal culture will remain while scaling the business.
  • You will keep a close eye on the market – be up to date with current trends and activities of your competitors.
  • You will create employees’ motivational system and promote the culture that ensures best performance.


  • You were successful in leading and inspiring the team.
  • You have experience in developing and scaling the product, you know well how to do financial, profitability planning, budgeting.
  • You are fluent in communicating in English.
  • Scaling business is a routine for you – you know well how to plan resources and processes accordingly.
  • You are result oriented and the main promoter of your business and product and a natural leader to inspire the team.
  • You feel good in a dynamic, agile environment, changes are a common sense for you to keep on developing.
  • You have good organizational skills and well-structured ways of working.

What will give you an edge:

  • Previous experience in a start-up – after all, you will create a company within the company.
  • Experience in different roles during your career - maybe you had an opportunity to try a role of HR or Marketing. 

Company offers:

  • A full emotional and financial support from the business to achieve results and scale the business if needed.
  • Provide you the freedom to create and develop a start-up within well-established company.
  • Animal-friendly office, chillax zone - foosball, table tennis, PlayStation, etc., game room with powerful gaming computers - for all you CS fans.
  • Snacks and a dozen different kinds of milks for your coffee.
  • An awesome park right outside the office.
  • Summer company fiesta and other great parties.
  • Opportunity to gain experience no one else in the market can offer.
Salary offered:from 4.132 €/month (gross)
Valid till:2020.12.03
Contact person:Laura Vaitiekūnaitė
Phone:+370 64564398
Address: Mėnulio st. 7
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