Head of UX


Get Ready To:
  • Lead, hire, and mentor the product design team as we grow rapidly.
  • Be responsible for the team's entire design process to ensure a fast-paced, high-quality product design.
  • Build a strong user/customer research program to validate problems and solutions.
  • Be a champion of stunning and elegant experiences.
  • Promote new, modern design standards and patterns.
  • Lead design team reviews.
  • Advocate for UX despite technical limitations.
  • Work with product managers and engineers to bring your vision to life.
  • Be constantly looking for improvements. Use metrics, user testing, and innovative design thinking to inform your design decisions.

We Expect You To:
  • Have at least 5+ years of experience designing complex digital products, mobile and web experiences for consumers.
  • Have a proven track record of leading and inspiring design teams.
  • Have experience building user research programs and testing methodologies that drive design decisions.
  • Be committed to brilliant experiences and world-class design
  • Have the ability to develop a vision for product design and communicate it effectively to product managers.
  • Have the ability to go from top to bottom and top to bottom. You set and communicate the vision for product design, align teams around common standards and patterns, but also go into detail and get excited about pixel-perfect results.
  • We expect you to have an online portfolio that demonstrates your work output, process, and mindset around user experience and product design.

Talking about perks:
  • We will spoil you! Get ready for numerous perks: a fridge full of food, frequent community events (both online and offline!), an office gym and much more.
  • Not feeling like going to the office? Work remotely from wherever you want! And we got you covered for whenever you feel office-sick - monthly taxi budget will wait.
  • Bond with your team or just work and vacation on teambuilding and workation trips. All you need to do is choose a destination, kick back, and relax while we cover the rest. 
  • Take 5 extra DAYS OFF to recharge. Use them whenever you need - no questions asked. A healthy, happy, and well-rested you is the goal.
  • After 6 months at Kilo Health, we’ll ask you to choose a plan from the company-covered private health insurance. Cover all your extra health and wellness needs on us.
  • Get ready to create impact through progressive and innovative healthtech products with our quality over quantity mindset. Take it slower to create something better.
  • Freely initiate change, suggest new approaches, and skyrocket with exciting challenges in our fast-growing healthtech environment. 
  • Get ready to roll in our easy-going, inclusive atmosphere with informal and laid-back communication. We keep it casual, so please, no suits and ties at the office.
  • If you uncover a hidden super talent while you’re with us - we’re all for it! We’ll do everything we can to support your passion and help turn it into an ultimate career change.
  • Want to polish up on your qualifications? Join the Kilo Academy to learn from our top specialists or schedule a 1-on-1 knowledge-sharing session or simply borrow a book from our extensive library. Knowledge is power, and we’re here to share it.

Work from anywhere. We have offices in the major Lithuanian cities – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda. New office in Ukraine – Kiev – but in case you can’t think of what pants to wear today, waiting for your cat’s food to be delivered, or casually chilling in Tenerife – gotcha. Meet you at the Zoom party?


Kilo.Health is a digital business working in the health industry. Our main markets are USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico & UK. The company was founded 8 years ago and it took a while to find our niche. Though we did it and now we strive to be the leader in the wellness category globally. Don’t wish us luck, come work with us to see it happen.

You Are Going To Deal With:
  • Informal communication. We are not a corporate office, we are digital punks
  • Many mistakes though never the same mistake twice. We experiment – a lot, since no one has ever done what we are doing
  • Digital products in the health industry which acquires thousands of daily new customers globally
  • Weekly new introductions. Our team grows faster than construction workers are breaking the walls to expand our office

Feel excited already? It’s our daily emotion. We want you, if you’re the one we would reach the impossible with. Are you ready?