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Urban has a mission to provide easy and affordable access to wellness, so people can live happier and healthier every day.

Since the beginning in 2014, we've delivered over 300,000 massage therapy treatments in London, Paris, Manchester and Birmingham.

We empower wellness practitioners by providing them with a marketplace to meet local customers, business software to manage their work and a community to belong to.

Our growing range of services includes massage, facials, nail and osteopath treatments performed at times and places chosen by our clients.

We believe that freedom and trust bring the best out of people, so we work with team-players who get the importance of owning their responsibilities.

We live and breathe our values; we’re curious, supportive, fair, clear in our communication, and never settle for average. We’re a diverse team and particularly encourage applications from different underrepresented demographics.

We’re building the future of wellness.
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